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Gambling online with an iOS device can be done in two major ways; Through casino websites and casino apps. Nevertheless, both offer amazing experiences but for this article, we would be looking at the best iPhone casino apps. 

There are exquisite gambling apps designed for iOS devices and placing real money bets with these online casinos can be thrilling. 

Top iPhone casino apps can be found and downloaded at the iOS store of any iPhone. These apps contain IOS betting games, simple instructions, and necessary terms and conditions.

Since iPhones are fast devices and can be easily utilized for real online gambling, this makes it a major considered option for playing betting games. 

This article is well-packed with various options for betting apps, important things to note while choosing these apps, what makes a great betting app, and helpful reviews on iPhone casino apps.

Choosing the Best iPhone Betting Apps 

Choosing the best iPhone casino apps saves you stress, time, and complaints that are most likely to be left unattended. 

Casinos have one thing in common and that is to make profits. Imagine having to constantly lose bets due to ignorance or not doing enough research. 

We’ve put together some major factors to consider when selecting real money casinos on iPhones to avoid losing stakes.

  • Security and safety of the player: A professional online gambling app should encourage the safety and security of players but the reverse is the case for some casinos as they sometimes release important details to third parties.

That is why when signing up with any of such, it’s vital to read through the terms and conditions of iPhone casino apps to avoid problems.

  • Professionalism: Before choosing an iPhone betting app it is wise to research and compare different apps and their level of professionalism. 

You should do a background check on their rules, how they attend to issues and solve them or simply read betting reviews of players. You won’t regret doing this as it helps you to choose the most competent casinos.

  • Customer satisfaction:  It’s important to stay away from bettings apps that are on the list of betting casinos to avoid. They would only leave you with regrets. 

A good way of checking other players’ satisfaction is by checking the ratings of known iPhone casino apps. 

We recommend you choose from casinos with good ratings since we found out that players who rate a casino 7-10 out of 10 stars or 3.5 – 5 out of 5 stars were highly satisfied with the services of the casino. 

What Makes a Great iPhone Betting App

A good iPhone app gives better gambling experiences and is the preferred choice of online gamblers 

If you are searching for what makes a great iPhone betting app, these are some of the features you should scout for. 

Customer Service

The first step to choosing a real money casino iPhone app is to consider its customer service. 

It’s no news that online gambling is risky, there are many reports of players not receiving their winnings.

Hence customer services are important to ensure better communication between intending players and the casino. 

Casinos that provide customer care services to players should be highly sought after because they respond properly to customer complaints and provide better casino policies. 

You can find feedback when you check the reviews and ratings of iPhone casino apps before downloading them.

Betting Variety

Another criterion for choosing a good iOS gambling app is the casino’s ability to have different variants of betting games. A lot of games come with their variation and it would be great if you have more options to choose from.

Also, it is said the more the merrier. You have more fun with a casino that offers different game variations ranging from poker, roulette, online slots, baccarat, etc. 

The best iPhone casino apps offer various types of bet games that are easy to play and wager on. 

Simple Interface

It’s important to be able to navigate easily on iPhone casino apps and having a simple interface allows players to navigate perfectly.

A casino with a simple interface is less difficult to operate because you have most features spelled out. 

Most casinos make use of eye-catching signs to draw your attention to important information. When signing up as a beginner you see different ads popping up and giving you directions on how to use the app easily. 

Some of these signs spell out bonus gifts, settings, and other necessary information on the app.

Reliable Banking 

Real money iOS casinos act like a bank for both the player and the casino and as such, it needs to provide better banking options that are common to users. 

You should be able to deposit and withdraw with your preferred options so it only makes more sense to pick a casino with wider options. 

Always check out the deposit and withdrawal method used by the casino and this includes the use of cryptocurrencies, bank transfers, MasterCard, visa, astropay, and other payment methods. 

Betting Bonuses

Getting bonuses is important because it helps you save money and make better gambling choices. Bonuses are important features of most iOS casino apps as it is used to attract more players. 

A proper casino offers bonuses of up to 100-300% of every first deposit. They also allow bonuses for weekly and monthly tournaments. 

How to Get Started With an iPhone Gambling App

If you’ve read to this point, that means you want to know a lot about the best iPhone casino apps and you are on the right track. 

This is pretty simple even for a newbie or a person who is not a tech genius.

Most importantly you must have a fast and reliable data connection to download the recommended app and follow these steps.  

Locate the IOS Store 

The IOS store can be found on the home page of any iPhone.

If you are having a difficult time accessing it, simply go to the search field on your app list and type app store or iOS store and click. This would take you to the search options of the app store. 

There are also ways of getting iOS gambling apps without using an app store but app stores are preferred because it’s a lot easier. 

Search for Casino Apps

After finding the iOS store the next step is finding your casino game app. Before you do this you should have at least two or three options to choose from. 

If you do not, keep reading this article as we would share some of the best casino apps for iPhone.

However, if you have a preferred option like Betway Casino, do type it in the search space on the app and enter. 

This would bring you to your preferred betting app then you proceed to the next phase. 

Read Reviews and Ratings

The next step after searching for your preferred iOS bet app is to read the reviews and ratings of that particular app.

There are many dangers of downloading an unknown casino app, you should at least have an idea of how these apps work and how effective they may be and that’s why you should read reviews and watch out for the casino app rating. 

Luckily, most users provide reviews to either encourage others to use the app or discourage them and most of such reviews are quite honest so you might as well consider them. 

Download the App

If you are satisfied with the app reviews and features, the next option is to download it. 

However, you need to have enough space to download the app depending on its size. If you have any difficulty doing this you may want to delete other apps, not in use.  

You download by simply clicking the download button and allowing iOS to verify the app. Unverified or illegal iPhone casino apps are restricted by Apple and genuine betting apps are downloaded automatically after being verified.

Note: Before downloading iOS casino games endeavor to check if your country of residence allows the smooth operation of betting apps. If yes, please go ahead but if they don’t, you may want to consider using a VPN to download. 

Install the App and Sign-up

The next step is installing the app after you must have downloaded it. You may want to have some antivirus apps on your device just in case such apps come with a virus. 

This is just to ensure the double safety of your device.

Simply install and open the app on your iPhone.  Sign up by giving out important information such as your name, country, age, gender, and bank details. 

Don’t forget to check the authenticity of the casino apps so your details are secure. 

Choose Your Preferred Games or Sport 

After installing, the app is ready and set to use. You can now choose your most preferred casino games and begin to play. 

You can always play for free to gain familiarity and switch to gamble mode when you are sure of placing wagers. 

Games such as Poker, Baccarat, 21, and Euchre are always available in all casinos and with simpler variations.  This is a good place to start if you are new to casino games.

If you are more of a sport better than a card player you can choose your most preferred bet method on any sport of your choice. 

However, you can be more daring to play other complicated betting games and place intense sports bets.

Different Types of iPhone Betting Apps

There are different kinds of games and sports so it makes more sense to have different types of betting apps. Each app specializes either in sports betting or casino betting.   

These apps have little or no similarities because of the type of bets they provide.

They are two categories of betting apps; sports betting apps and casino betting apps. 

Sports Betting Apps 

These betting apps deal majorly with common sports that are loved by a lot of people. Examples of such sports are football, rugby, horse racing, basketball, etc.

Most common sport betting apps are focused on football and horse racing. Betting on these sports has been in existence before their online counterparts.

Such sports betting apps differ from casino betting apps in terms of the user interface, bonuses, and wager techniques. The only common similarity between the two is their deposit and withdrawal methods. 

Casino Betting Apps

These betting apps are for game lovers who like to place bets. For this article, I’ll be citing two categories that are majorly found in online casinos.

  1. Card games: Card games are very common with several variations. For example, poker card games have about three different variations, 7-card poker, video poker, and Texas hold ’em. 

Some other card games such as Baccarat and Blackjack have their variations but these fundamental card games are designed in such a way that they follow the playing methods of their offline counterparts. 

  1. Online slots and spins: This is found in almost every casino app as more people are drawn to playing online slots, especially those that are not familiar with the rules of the card category.

Here we find roulette and other lucky spin games including slot machines.

FAQ on iPhone casino 

Does Apple allow iPhone gambling apps?

Fortunately, Apple allows gambling apps to operate on their devices after conducting a series of queries to find out if such a casino is legal and fully licensed. 
Online casinos that are risky are restricted by Apple. This is done to provide safety and security for users and encourage transparency of any casino brand.

What should I consider when choosing an iPhone betting app?

A lot of things should be taken into consideration when choosing an iPhone casino app. This includes the reviews and ratings of customers, the payment and withdrawal methods, bonuses, and the physical layout of the casino.

Are real money iPhone casino apps legal to use?

Yes, there are varieties of real money iPhone casino apps and they are legal to use. Although this depends greatly on how strict your country’s gambling laws are.  If you are in a country that does not condone betting activities it’s safer to use a VPN. 

How do I allow gambling apps on my iPhone?

Simply go to your iPhone settings, and click on privacy and content restrictions. Enter your screen time password and choose unrestricted access. This allows you to find more gambling apps. 

The best casino apps for iPhone 2021

There are tons of iPhone casino apps but how do we know which of them is the best? 

You need a guide and a list of updated iPhone casino apps showing their cons and pros to help you make a good choice. 

We’ve shown you how to make good choices and pick the best casinos, you may also want to check out some of the best iPhone casinos of 2021. 

22Bet Casino

22Bet casino was launched in 2018 but is becoming more famous among sports gamblers. This casino is highly localized in India and it offers amazing bonuses and promotions. 

Not only do 22Bets casino support sport booking but they also provide a wide variety of online casino games including famous poker variants. 

They have reliable apps for iPhone betting and versatile banking options. If you are looking for a reliable iPhone casino app then we recommend 22Bet casino.

These are some of the pros and cons of using the 22Bet 


  • Minimum deposit of 70 rupees 
  • Over 150 banking options
  • Live games and bets
  • 100% bonuses on every first deposit
  • Minimum withdrawal of 100 rupees
  • Played on desktops, Android,iPhones, and iPads.
  • Player ratings of 4.7/5 and  9.5/10 on Google and Trustpilot. 
  • Diverse of betting games and sports books.


  • Customer issues are left unreplied/unsolved 
  • Complaint of incomplete withdrawals.

Betway Casino

One of the top most recommended casino apps is Betway casino. First, the user interface is top-notch and easy to navigate.

Just a click on the website and you’ll find varieties of casino games live casinos, live sports bets, betway games, and many video games displayed clearly.

Betway casino offers up to 2500 rupees welcome bonus and has better competitive odds amongst others. They also offer constant promotions for players.

Although there were strong complaints about betway not meeting up with some players’ expectations, the platform is still a trusted bet app for many.

These are the pros and cons of Betway casino 


  • Can be played on multiple devices at the same time.
  • Loads very fast on IOS devices.
  • Offers daily promotions and fat bonuses 
  • Commendable customer support system 
  • Allows betting on different games at a go.
  • Diverse casino games
  • Offer bonuses to consistent players
  • Good payment options
  • Good rating of 4.6/10


  • Poor reviews by players 
  • Lack of online slots for slot bettings. 

Jackpot City

India has strict gambling rules but one of the legal and most trusted online in India is Jackpot city. Over time it’s been consistent and fair in most of its dealings, little wonder why it’s most of the recommended IOS betting apps for gamblers. 

It has a great selection of over 500 casino betting games including Bingo, Jackpot, card games, and live dealer games. 

They also offer up to 40,000 rupees as welcome bonuses and have reliable payment methods. 

Jackpot City is no doubt a trusted bet app. These are some of the pros and cons of Jackpot City. 


  • Large welcome bonuses.
  • Diverse betting options
  • Good rating of 3/5 on trust pilot
  • Offer regular promotions
  • Reliable deposit and withdrawal option


  • They do not offer sports booking or any sports bets.

Riverboat Gambler

If you are new to online betting you might want to consider this casino app_the river gambler. It is a virtual casino for fun and practice games and has about 33 different games presently.  

The graphic design is top notch and important information such as where to sign up and terms and conditions are easy to locate.

It has a good rating of 4.6/5 and is strictly a card game. 

Some outlined pros and cons of the River Gambler include:


  • Game variants of poker, baccarat, and Black Jack
  • Easy-to-follow instruction
  • Good ratings
  • Good customer support 
  • Offer good game exercises


  • No sport booking 
  • Not exactly a bet app

Blackjack 21

This is a free game and easy to learn. It’s thrilling how you get to customize your cards and add some musical effects. 

Blackjack 21  has no betting options. This is simply for fun and can be used by any player. The app also has different variants of the Blackjack card game but does not offer other card games like Poker, Baccarat, or online slots.

If you are looking for a place to learn how to play blackjack then the app is totally for you. Check out the Pros and cons of Blackjack 21. 


  • The user interface is simple to learn and easy to use
  • Can be downloaded easy on iPhones
  • Customized effects
  • Good ratings and reviews
  • Realistic games


  • Only Blackjack 21 card game is available
  • No betting options

Roulette 42

This is the number one most downloaded Roulette app in the world. It involves spins, guts, and luck. This iPhone game app is suitable for playing any variation of roulette online and they offer huge welcome bonuses and pay you when you refer the app to people.

It has a very good rating and is trusted by millions of roulette players around the world. They have satisfactory reviews by players and this is more reason why it’s a recommended iPhone bet app.

Signing up with the app is free and it comes with easy subscriptions.

These are some of the outlined pros and cons of Roulette 42. 


  • Easy Tutorial
  • Earning on referrals
  • Free daily bonuses
  • Welcome bonuses
  • Affordable subscription 


  • Pays only with referrals
  • Offers only Roulette games.

Vegas Fun Casino Slots Casino

For lovers of slot games, Vegas Fun Casino Slots is for you. It is a mobile bet app designed for iPhones and offers higher payouts. 

There are different kinds of slot games varying from mobile Slots to video slots and their bonuses are quite incredible. You can choose from a variety of bonuses to play certain games and they are open to new and existing players.

Just like every online casino, it is important to read their terms and conditions to familiarize yourself with the casino rules. Vegas Fun Casino Slots is among our top recommended iPhone casinos and these are their pros and cons


  • High payout options 
  • It is free 
  • Mobile slots and video slots
  • Old and New slots.
  • Good rating of 4.6


  • Other casino games are unavailable


These are the best iPhone casino apps you can find in the world of online gambling. There are a lot of platforms that do not provide great betting services, but these apps will offer you greater experiences. It is guaranteed they would provide better benefits and match your gambling expectations.

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