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Jhandi Munda is a dice game that has its roots in the northeastern part of India and remains a popular game in the region. This game is played with six dice, each with special symbols engraved on them. Your goal is to wager on the symbol that appears most when the dice are rolled. If your prediction is correct, you win. 

This game is particularly popular during Dashain, Dashami, and Tihar, three Hindu holidays. In Nepal, people refer to Jhandi Munda as Langur Burja. Players can find this game globally, though these variants are sometimes tweaked from their original versions. These variations result from its popularity among sailors in the British Royal Navy when it was known as the Crown and Anchor.

Jhandi Munda is a game that emerged in remote settlements. However, it has grown so popular and has remained so because it is entertaining and easy to play. Its simple rules make it an appealing game for beginners and seasoned players alike. 

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Jhandi Munda is playable on the street, in brick-and-mortar casinos, and online casinos. If you want to try Jhandi Munda in online casinos, you should have some basic knowledge of how the game works. Here, we cover everything you should know about how to play Jhandi Munda, including some strategies that could increase your winning potential. 

Play Jhandi Munda for free

Jhandi Munda dice game has always been known as a game you play on the streets, but it has evolved to be so much more. Now, players can enjoy this game from the comfort of their homes thanks to the variants available online. 

The traditional means of playing the Jhandi Munda game require little or no skill. Even if a player has a great deal of strategy, winning the game is purely based on luck. While the winning chances in the online Jhandi Munda are still based on luck, there are a few tricks you can employ to give yourself a winning edge. However, players need to practice these tricks before playing to earn real cash. 

Thankfully, there are free versions of the game that you can play without risking your money. These demo versions allow you to experience the game, understand its rules, and learn a few strategies while trying it out for real money in an online casino.

Jhandi Munda Games Online

As mentioned earlier, there are online versions of the game that you can enjoy on your computer. The benefits of playing Jhandi Munda on an online platform are numerous. First, it is legal and safe to play Jhandi Munda games in some places in India.

Online gambling in India is risk-free due to the stringent regulation provided by the law that governs these sites. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll receive the full amount of the proceeds you got from playing the game. Of course, you must also check to be certain the online gambling site is safe for Indians.

Online casinos usually have a large selection of tables. So, if players don’t like their current table, they can easily switch to a different one. Furthermore, these tables have different betting limits, so players would find a game that suits their bankroll. 

The Jhandi Munda online game has also been modified to suit mobile devices, allowing players to enjoy the game even on the go. Besides playing online, there are Jhandi Munda apps you can download and play directly on your device. 

The convenience of being able to play Jhandi Munda online from the privacy and security of one’s own home is another key benefit. This means that players can enjoy the thrills of the game without visiting a physical location.

What is Online Jhandi Munda (Crown and Anchor)?

Jhandi Munda is now one of the titles you can find in an Indian online casino. Several Indian players favor this game because of its simplicity and easy playing rules. Unlike most table titles like baccarat and blackjack, this game originated in Arunachal Pradesh and could be played by anyone willing to bet. 

Jhandi Munda’s popularity spread after it was adapted and renamed Crown and Anchor. Some online gambling sites in India display this game as Crown and Anchor rather than its local name. The online version of this title is simply one that you can play on the Internet at your convenience.

Unlike the Jhandi Munda old version, online variants are more exciting. This is because you’d find many titles from different providers, each with its own unique features. Simply put, online variants create room for diversity and the addition of other elements to make the game more appealing. 

Playing the Jhandi Munda online real money version follows a similar pattern to the traditional game. It is played with dice with different symbols etched on their surfaces. 

Where Can You Play Online Jhandi Munda for Money?

You can play online Jhandi at land-based locations in India. However, some online gambling platforms have free and real money versions of the game. Note that you might not find Jhandi Munda in every Indian online casino. So, before signing up, confirm if the gambling platform has Jhandi Munda that you can play for real money. 

Who Can You Play Online Jhandi Munda for Money?

Any player who can register at an online casino can play Jhandi Munda for real money. This means that a person must be at least 18 years old, which is the legal age for any individual to gamble. If you’re below this age, you’re prohibited from registering to play for free or real money at an online casino. 

Once you’ve met the age requirements, you can create an account on an online gambling platform. Next, you fund your new account with at least the minimum deposit amount to play for real money. Afterward, you can head to the lobby of the Jhandi Munda Casino and choose a game you would like to play. As mentioned earlier, you should try out free versions before playing to earn real money. 

The Jhandi Munda Board and Dice

Jhandi Munda real money and free versions are played with a board and a dice. The board is divided into six parts, and each section has a symbol on it. The game is also played with six dice, like those used when playing Ludo and other dice games. However, unlike the numbered dice, the ones have six different symbols, three red, and three black. 

The color of these symbols is not relevant as they don’t affect the game’s outcome. What is important is the symbol itself. Four of these symbols can be easily recognized, as they are the same ones, you’ll find on playing cards. These include the heart, club, diamond, and spade. 

The last two symbols are a crown and an anchor. These last icons were what gave it the name “Crown and Anchor” among the English. 

One thing to note is that there are no special symbols, as they all pay out the same. This means that if you bet on a spade and win, you earn as much cash as when you bet on a heart and win.

Playing/Betting Process

This game of chance has such simple rules that beginners would have no problem grasping the basics of the game within a few minutes. The only aim of Jhandi Munda is to accurately predict the face-up symbol that will appear the most when the dice are rolled. Players wager on a symbol and they win if their chosen option appears the most when the dealer rolls the dice.

For instance, Player A places a wager on the crown symbol turning up the most when all six dice are rolled. Afterward, the dealer cast the dice. Player A would win if the crown is counted the most times out of the six face-up dice. If another symbol appears more than the crown, Player A would lose.

The following is a summary of the basic rules for playing the game Jhandi Munda:

  • Each player places a wager on the face-up symbol they think will appear most after a roll of the dice.
  • The player that predicts correctly wins the game and receives the appropriate payout.
  • If the symbol you bet on doesn’t appear, the dealer might cancel your wager.

While Jhandi Munda rules are straightforward, some online variants might have a few additional instructions. Therefore, you should always go through the game’s rules before playing. 

Hot and Cold Symbols

Jhandi Munda dice game is one where you predict the odds of the game but winning depends on luck. Nevertheless, there are a few Jhandi Munda tricks players apply that are believed to increase their winning chances. One of these is keeping track of hot and cold symbols. 

Hot symbols are those that have been appearing constantly in different betting sessions, while cold symbols are those that rarely hit. You don’t need a special Jhandi Munda algorithm to know which symbols are “Hot or Cold.” Some online gambling platforms display which characters appear frequently.

Best Jhandi Munda Casinos in India

When looking for the best Jhandi Munda online casino, you must consider a few important factors. Below are the criteria an online gambling site must meet before you register to play for free or real money. 


Your security should be your priority when gambling online. Therefore, before registering at an online casino, you must be confident that it is safe. One of the indicators that shows if the platform can be trusted is a license from a reputable regulatory commission. 

A license proves that the online gambling platform operates legally, following the instructions of the regulatory authority. This means that the operations of the casino are monitored to ensure that players enjoy a safe gambling experience. This information is usually displayed in the website’s footer on the terms and conditions page. 


Aside from a license, a gambling site should also have the right security measures to safeguard your details. The platform should be protected by SSL encryption, so even if there is a hack, malicious parties cannot use your information. Furthermore, a gambling platform should have clear terms and privacy policies, so that Indian players know how their data is being used. 

Game Variety

Having several variants of online Jhandi Munda is important, as this gives you multiple options to choose from. However, Jhandi Munda shouldn’t be the only game you can play on the platform. 

It’s also essential that the online casino has a decent selection of slots and table games like roulette, poker, baccarat, and blackjack. If you enjoy live dealer games, scan through the casino lobby to see if these titles are available.


Every player looks forward to claiming a freebie when gambling online. Therefore, it’s important to check out the bonuses and promotions that are available on the gambling website. There should be a welcome bonus available to new players and other recurrent promotions for existing punters to claim during the week. Types of bonuses you’ll find in casinos include a matched deposit offer, free spins, and even VIP rewards. 

Customer Support

Although many players don’t consider customer support to be a big deal, this section of the online casino is extremely important. This is because players turn to customer service when they encounter problems or need clarification on certain issues. 

The best Jhandi Munda Munda casino sites have 24-hour support available that you can contact easily. Support should be reachable via email, live chat, and phone number. 

Payment methods

The payment method on an online gambling platform can make or break your experience. Before you can play Jhandi Munda for real money, you must deposit funds into your account. Likewise, you need a suitable payment method to cash out your winnings without hassles. That said, players must always ensure that their chosen site supports payment options like UPI, e-wallets, and even cryptocurrencies. 

How to register at the best Jhundi Munda Casino

Registering at an online casino that offers the game is simple. Most modern platforms only need you to fill in some details, which usually takes a few minutes. The registration process differs for each site, but they all follow similar steps that we’ve listed below:

  • Visit the site using a suitable device.
  • Click the “Sign Up,” “Join Now,” or any other option that leads you to create an account.
  • Enter the information that the operator requests. This could include your email, phone number, name, and home address. 
  • Click the option to submit, and you’re done!

The Basics of Jhandi Munda

There are no specific provisions in Indian law that address the legality of playing this game. However, since it is classified as a game of chance, playing it offline or online is often prohibited. This is because only “games of skill” like poker and rummy are allowed to be played online in some parts of India.

As the game was created in Arunachal Pradesh, it is legal to play there. When searching for an online casino to enjoy Jhandi Munda play, ensure that the site is licensed. Licensed platforms are safe, and you don’t need to worry about the games being compromised.


Winning Potential

In some online casinos, players get a payout even if their chosen symbol appears only once. On the other hand, most variants of the game will only pay if your selected symbol appears multiple times. 

The paytable for Jhandi Munda is usually as follows:

  • One Symbol/Jhandi: Players win the original bet back plus 1x the wagered amount.
  • Two Symbols/Jhandi: Players win the original bet back plus 2x the wagered amount.
  • Three Symbols/Jhandi: Players win the original bet back plus 3x the wagered amount.
  • Four Symbols/Jhandi: Players win the original bet back plus 4x the wagered amount.
  • Five Symbols/Jhandi: Players win the original bet back plus 51x the wagered amount.
  • Six Symbols/Jhandi: Players win the original bet back plus 6x the wagered amount.

Here is an illustration to help you understand how the paytable works.

A player wagers INR100 that they believe a heart will show up the most when the dice are rolled. Four diamonds appear on the dice after they are thrown. Therefore, the player wins their INR100 stake back, together with $300 in profit (3x their original bet).

Mathematicians and statisticians have studied and created a model for Jhandi Munda. They found that the RTP (return to player) for this well-liked Indian game was 97.14%, with the house edge at 2.86%. 

There is a fair chance of winning, which undoubtedly boosts the game’s allure. If you prefer to play Jhandi Munda online, you can expect similar RTP percentages in the games you find.


Unfortunately, there aren’t many methods you can use to get an advantage in Jhandi Munda because it’s a simple game. However, you can employ betting tactics that will enable you to manage your spending judiciously. These include the following:

Setting a deposit and loss limit

Some online casinos let you limit how much you can lose when playing on their platform. With a loss limit, the gambling site prevents you from playing more games, even if it’s not Jhandi Munda. Some online casinos also let you restrict the amount you can deposit daily, weekly, and monthly. 

Having a budget

It’s essential to have a set amount of cash that you can use for gambling online. Once you reach this limit, you stop yourself from playing. Setting a budget helps you track how much you lose and win from an online casino. It also prevents you from losing more than you can afford.

Limiting how much time you spend playing

Another restriction that’ll help you when playing Jhandi Mundi in an online casino is limiting the time you spend on the platform. It’s best to stick to these restrictions even if you’re on a winning streak. Some online casinos have a “Reality Check” that reminds you of how much time you’ve spent playing at the casino. 

Also, you can play the game for longer by using strategies that are successful at blackjack and other even money table games. One of these strategies is the free Martingale System. We advise playing Jhandi Munda for free using this strategy before applying it in real money games. 

The Martingale system involves doubling your wager whenever you lose. You start with a small wager. For instance, if you wager INR100 and lose, you increase it to INR200. If you lose again, you double the bet, making it INR400 but if you win, you go back to the initial INR100.

You must have enough bankroll to use the Martingale strategy. However, as we have mentioned earlier, always set limits and stick to them. You should also note that the Martingale system can also lead to a significant loss.

Many players try to predict the next set of symbols that will appear by using hot and cold numbers. However, this Jhandi Munda trick is not a successful tactic.  

Jhandi Munda is a game of chance, meaning that there’s no way to tell what the outcome of the next throw will be. It also means that the results of the previous rounds don’t affect the outcome of the next throw.

Variations of the Game

Jhandi Munda has two main game variations – the traditional and the fixed returns variant. Both versions involve predicting which symbols will appear most often. However, there are a few distinctions.

Traditional Jhandi Munda

This is also known as the “Street Version,” and it is the most well-known variant of the game. It follows the basic rules, and this is what every player learns when they’re new to playing Jhandi Mundi. 

First, players bet on which symbols will appear the most after the dice are rolled. Then, the dealer rolls the dice, and whoever has predicted correctly wins. Furthermore, the more your selected symbol appears, the more your payout.

Fixed Returns Jhandi Munda

In this game variant, players are given a fixed return equal to 3.4 times their initial wager. This is regardless of the number of times the selected symbol appears face-up.

Many players believe that this version of Jhandi Munda offers better returns, but this is not the case. True, both variants have identical payouts. However, your odds of winning are greater if you play the simple version of Jhandi Munda with small wagers.

Some Jhandi Munda games may also allow for side wagers. The objective of these side bets is to accurately predict the number of symbols that will appear. 

For instance, you might predict that exactly three hearts will appear on the dice. The payout for correctly guessing side bets is greater than that for regular bets because they are more difficult to predict.

Play Jhandi Munda Virtually or Live!

Just like with other table games, the Jhandi Munda cash game can be played as a computer-based variant or as a live dealer title. The computer-based variants have faster gameplay, as there are no delays between sessions. 

The computer makes the rollouts immediately after you place your bets. These games follow the same betting pattern as the traditional real Jhandi Munda. If you win, your balance is automatically credited; if you lose, you can choose to stop playing or go another round.

The live version is more interactive. This is because the game is played with a real dealer and other players on the same platform. The dealer is the person who accepts bets and rolls out the dice for every session. If you win, the casino automatically credits you. 

Live dealer games replicate the ambiance of being in an actual brick-and-mortar casino, but players enjoy the game online. The game is streamed with high-definition video quality, giving the players a clear view of what’s happening at the table. These games can be played on computers and smartphones. 

Jhandi Munda live versions have an in-chat feature that allows players to chat with the dealer and other punters playing the game. You can also play anonymously if you don’t want to reveal details about yourself to other players at the table.

Jhandi Munda App

You can complete a Jhandi Munda apk download, but that depends on the online gambling site you play at. If the casino has a downloadable app, you can just go to the app store on your phone and look for that casino. Sometimes, you can get the Jhandi Munda iOS and Android casino from its official site. 

There’s no need to worry if there isn’t a Jhandi Munda game download accessible. Most online gambling sites have browser-based versions of their platforms.  Simply launch the Web browser on your phone and search for the casino’s website. Create an account (if you don’t already have one), log in, and then launch your preferred Jhandi Munda game.


Jhandi Munda is a simple, yet exciting dice game that has been around for a while now. Also called “Crown and Anchor,” the game is played with a board and six dice. Each side of the six sides of each die is etched with a different symbol. 

The aim of the game is simple – predict which symbols will appear the most. Online variants were also introduced predicting the exact number of the symbol that will appear. You win if your prediction is correct. 

The game might be easy to play, but it is not available in every online casino. Therefore, you must first search for an online gambling platform that offers the game before signing up. Before signing up, ensure that the site is legal and has impressive games and bonuses. 


What is Jhandi Munda?

Jhandi Munda is a game that is played with a board and six dice. The dice have six symbols, one engraved on each side. These symbols include a heart, club, diamond, spade, crown, and anchor. It originated in India, but it is now available in several parts of the world. 

How Do I get the Jhandi Munda apk on my Mobile Device?

You can get a Jhandi Munda real money app download if the casino you’re playing at has a downloadable application. This means you head to the casino’s site, click the download option, and wait till the process is complete. Afterward, you launch the gambling platform on your device.

Which Online Casino Can I Play Jhandi Munda?

The best Jhandi Munda casino is one that is licensed by a trusted regulatory body. These sites should also have good bonuses, an excellent game selection, and good payment options. 

How to Win Jhandi Munda Game

To win Jhandi Munda, one only has to bet on which symbol will appear the most when the dice is rolled. The payout depends on the number of times your chosen symbols show. If it’s three times, you get your initial wager and profits that are three times that bet amount. Likewise, if there’s only one occurrence of your chosen symbol, you get your initial wager plus one time the bet amount. 

Is There a Jhandi Munda Win Trick?

One Jhandi Munda win trick Hindi that is common is the use of Hot or Cold symbols. The “Hot” symbols are those that have been appearing since the beginning of the game. On the other hand, “Cold” symbols are those that have either not appeared or have only been shown a few times. Many players use this to determine which symbol they will bet on next. 

Is There a Jhandi Munda Cheating Device

Jhandi Munda is a game of chance, and on online casinos, the results are determined by a random number generator. So, players cannot predict the outcome of the game. Nevertheless, there are a few strategies you can employ to boost your winning chances. A good example is the Martingale betting system, which is commonly used in games like roulette and blackjack.

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