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If you’re looking for a simple yet entertaining and rewarding game to play, bingo should be one of your top choices. The game is available at many online casinos where you can register and play for real money. There are also bingo game apps available for download if you prefer playing the game on your mobile devices. 

As you will see in this extensive guide, bingo rules are easy to grasp. Here, we’ll walk you through how to get started at an online casino and how to play the game. We have also included a few gaming strategies that can boost your winning chances when playing the game online and in gaming hubs. Keep reading to learn more!

The Most Entertaining Way to Play Bingo

If you believe that bingo is a relatively new game, you will be shocked to learn that it was originally documented in the 1500s. Back then, participants played a game called “beano” in which they matched the numbers on their cards with those drawn from a sack. 

Since then, technology has advanced significantly, and the way we play bingo has changed too. Despite this, it remains one of the most exciting games you can play online and in land-based locations. 

In the past, if you wanted to learn how to play bingo or win money from the wonderful game, you had to attend a game in a bingo hall. Now, there are online casinos where you can simply register and enjoy the game. The best part is that there are free bingo games you can try for fun. 

How to Play Bingo?

Playing bingo is quite straightforward, and the rules are similar whether you play online or in a physical location. Even if you’re a beginner, you’ll have no problem learning and understanding how the game works. Here is how to play bingo games from a computer or a gaming hub. 

Buy Your Tickets

You will need to purchase your tickets first. Many online bingo tickets start at a very low price and are available in the bingo lobby before the start of the game. If it’s online, you log into your account and launch the game you want. From there, you can get as many tickets as you want. 

Listen to the Numbers Being Called

In a physical location, there’ll be an announcer that will pick numbers randomly and announce them. The game begins with the caller announcing the first number. If the number called is on your ticket (or tickets), cross it off. 

It’s important to pay attention in order to hear what number the caller announces. For first-time players, the pace at which the numbers are called might be a little fast-paced. However, you get used to it with time. 

On the other hand, if you play at an online casino, the system will automatically tick off the number for you. This makes it easier than straining to hear the caller over the murmurs of other players in a gaming hub. 

The First Winner Shouts Bingo!

These numbers will continue to be called until a person in the crowd has crossed all their numbers on a line. This is called the first prize, and the player who gets it shouts “bingo!” Sometimes, there are other prizes to be won, and if so, the caller will announce them. 

If there are more prizes to be won, the caller will keep calling numbers until a player has completed 2 lines and a full house. A full house is when a player has crossed off all the numbers on their cards. 

Types of Bingo

Whether playing in a land-based location or online, there are different types of bingo games you can play. The major difference between these bingo types is the number of numbers on every ticket. This means that there is also a difference in the number of numbers that will be called. 

90-Ball Bingo Game Rules

Each 90-ball bingo ticket has 15 numbers on it. These numbers are placed in a grid of 9 by 3. The first column has the numbers 1 through 9, the second contains the numbers 10 through 19, and so on. 

In 90-ball bingo, numbers between 1 and 90 will be randomly called, and there are three ways to win:

  • 1-line win: Players win by being able to cover all the numbers on a horizontal line on their card. It is one of the most popular ways to win in bingo. 
  • 2-line win: Here, players aim to strike off all the numbers on two horizontal lines. These lines don’t have to be on the same cards, but they must be on the same ticket you bought. 
  • Full house win: The objective here is to cross off every number on the ticket. Jackpots or grand prizes are frequently awarded to full-house winners!

75 Ball Bingo Rules

Players mark off the numbers on their tickets as they are called, just like in 90-ball bingo. There are five columns and five horizontal lines on each 75-ball bingo ticket. BINGO is spelled out in letters at the top of each column.

The numbers in the “B” column range from 1 to 15, the “I” column from 16 to 30, and so forth. Right in the middle of the card, there is an empty area. This counts as already being covered and has no number on it.

There are several ways to win at 75-ball bingo, including patterns and line wins like in 90-ball bingo:

Coverall: With this, players aim to cover the 24 numbers on their cards. 

Line wins: Like in 90-ball bingo, you create a win by completing numbers in a line. This could be horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. 

Bingo Pattern Wins

In 75-ball games, pattern bingo is a popular variant. Players must cover their numbers in order to create a pattern or shape on the card. If you get the shape, you announce it at the beginning of the game. There are different patterns that you can create, including crosses, chevrons, and diamonds.

80 Ball Bingo

80-ball games, which are relatively new to the bingo scene, are played with a ticket that contains 16 numbers laid out in a 4 by 4 grid. There are numerous ways to win, with a different color in each column:

  • Line wins: Players win by marking numbers in a line. You can create a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal line. 
  • Pattern wins: In 75-ball bingo, players can also win by creating patterns. Before the game begins, you’ll learn the patterns you need to make in order to win. 

Should I Play Bingo in Gaming Hubs or Online 

Gaming Hubs

Playing bingo in a land-based hall is great for players who enjoy being in the midst of other players. It gives players room to socialize after the game. However, there are a few downsides to playing at bingo halls. 

As already noted, one of the most challenging aspects is keeping up with the speed at which the numbers are called. It’s very difficult when you have more than one ticket and you’re trying to mark off all the numbers on them. Imagine having to check if one number appears on multiple cards. The worst part is that you must do this before the next number is called. 

Aside from that, you might be too distracted to notice when you’ve landed the bingo. If you call out “BINGO” after the next number has been called, you don’t win the prize. Therefore, it’s important to pay attention. For this reason, you’ll find that most land-based bingo halls need some level of silence.

Online Bingo

With online bingo, the entire process is simplified. Though it lacks the aspect of being in the same environment as other people, it makes playing the game easier. Online, there are different features you can take advantage of, including: 

  • Autoplay: Most online bingo sites offer an automated marking mechanism that stamps the numbers on your cards as they are called. This eliminates the need for you to desperately look for them.
  • Best card sorting: The computer will arrange your cards according to what it thinks has the best chance of winning. It keeps the card at the top for you to keep an eye on.
  • Best card highlighting: If a card is on the verge of winning, the algorithm will be ready to inform you or highlight it.

Winning Strategies in Bingo Halls

Despite the emergence of online gambling destinations, bingo halls are quite popular. In these venues, you can experience the atmosphere and excitement of a real bingo game, as well as actual randomness as opposed to artificial algorithms. Brick-and-mortar bingo halls have benefits over online bingo in terms of rewards and player experience. 

To help you make the most of your visit to bingo halls, here are some techniques to boost your odds of doubling your initial bankroll.

Buy Multiple Cards

One of the first tips to employ when playing bingo in a brick-and-mortar establishment is to buy multiple cards. Even though this is a simple technique, many players still opt to play with one or two cards. Their justification for this is that the chances of winning a game with one card and several cards are equal.

However, these players fail to consider how the game of bingo works. The likelihood of winning a game before any other player improves noticeably when there are more cards in each game.

Consider a room full of 100 people, and each uses a single card. Your chances of winning a game are 1 in 100, which is 0.01. Say you are the only player left with 15 cards while everyone else is still using one. You greatly increase your odds to 13% by taking into consideration the 114 cards that are now in play (15/114 = 0.13).

Note that you can face competition from players with multiple cards in a real bingo hall. Your chances of winning are the same as those of the other players that use the same number of cards as you. Nevertheless, you still have a good chance of winning if you have one more card than everyone else. 

Arrive Early

This is one of the most common tips for winning bingo. Being early won’t improve your chances of winning more games, but it will give you a leg up on the competition.

Usually, it is customary for hosts in a bingo hall to call out the current winning number. It’s a fair question to wonder why this is relevant given that most bingo halls use LED boards to display the current ball. 

However, keep in mind that the winner of a bingo game is the first person to yell “bingo.” This must be after their card lands on all of the called balls.

Envision a situation where you and three other players are missing B2 from your deck. Then, you have the chance to be seated close to the host when they pick up the B2 ball. When this happens, you see the number just as the host picks it, mark the space on your card and exclaim “bingo” faster than others. 

That said, it’s essential to arrive early so you can secure a good spot from which to see the host’s selections.

Pay Attention

Keep in mind that each time a number is announced, you will have to manually mark your cards. The goal is to be the first to fill in your cards with the necessary qualifying numbers. Therefore, if you want to increase your chances of winning, you must pay close attention to the MC during the entire game.

One of the many potential reasons why you might miss a number when it is called, and one of them is your phone. Whether you’re using it for work or play, your smartphone has the potential to distract you during a session. Arriving early and selecting the closest seat to watch which ball the host has just picked up is great. However, it won’t give you much of an advantage if you’re always on your phone.

Avoid Side Bets and Jackpot Prizes

The prize payouts on side bets are usually higher and more attractive than standard bets. With just a small bet, you can also win progressive jackpots that promise a fortune. As a result, players look forward to taking advantage of such prizes whenever they’re available. However, this is not one of the techniques to win bingo because the odds are against you when it comes to these kinds of wagers.

Let’s use the coveralls, one of the most common jackpot bets in bingo rooms, as an example. All numbers on the card must be called in order to win any kind of wager. 

When you calculate your odds, there is less than a 0.0001% chance that you can finish the whole card before 47 numbers are called. Your chances significantly increase as more balls are involved. At the 67th number, you have a 1% chance of completing the coverall card. If up to 75 numbers are called, you have a 32% chance of winning. 

With this, players believe that their odds increase when more numbers are involved. However, they don’t consider the average number of calls made per game. Imagine a game where only 16 to 25 balls are used. If so, you won’t get to the stage where you have a 0.0001% chance of marking every space on a coverall card before the game is over.

Use Dabbers

Since time is of the essence in a game of bingo, you can’t afford to dally when a number is called. When playing online, certain games will fill in your cards for you, but in real life, you’ll have to do it by hand.

When playing with new people, it’s a good idea to use a pen or pencil to make a note of the space on your cards. Use any kind of writing implement you like to mark the active numbers on your card. On the downside, if you use a pen to mark something, you can accidentally make a notch or a circle. 

These mistakes can cost serious money as the session winds down and players need to check their cards to determine how many numbers they need to win. They may have lost because they were unable to read their markings or the numbers on their card due to a smudged pen. Here’s where bingo markers come in.

It’s quick and easy to mark your bingo cards with dabbers. These unique pens allow you to fill a complete square or area with translucent ink with a single dab of the tip. Dabbers can buy you a lot of time to check your card before the host calls for the next ball.

Organize Your Cards

Keeping track of your cards is a great bingo hall strategy. After the first few rounds of bingo, when only five balls were in play, this piece of advice might not seem all that important. However, after more balls have been drawn, you’ll want to double-check all your purchased cards to make sure you’ve noted every number called.

If a player’s cards are strewn over the table, they will have to go through each one to see if it has the most recent number called. Searching through five or more cards to locate a single number is time costly. While they were shuffling their cards, a new ball probably entered play.

Position your cards so that you can quickly scan the tabletop with your eyes. Use tape or authorized bingo glue to keep your cards in place. If you organize your cards, you can easily look over and mark the qualifying spaces, giving you an edge over other players.

Play With Fewer People

If you are playing with 99 other people and everyone has one card, your chances of winning before everyone else are 1%. If you take away half of the people in the bingo hall, your chance of winning goes up to 2%. 

Let’s say that there are only 20 people in the bingo hall, including you. Your chances of finishing your card go up to 5%. In other words, if there aren’t many people in the bingo hall, your chances of winning are higher.

It’s important to remember that this means you only have one card to play with. When you play with more cards or the maximum number of cards, you give yourself an even bigger edge over other players. Even though others will also play with the most cards allowed, you have an edge over those who only have a few cards.

While playing with fewer people increases your chances of winning, the payout rate will be lower than in games with more people. This is worth the trade since high-stakes bingo games are less likely to make you money when the odds are against you.

The Best strategies for Winning at Online Bingo

Before playing bingo online, it’s important to remember that it’s a game of chance. This means that there’s no way of telling what number will be called next. 

Online bingo strategies are quite similar to those you use in a land-based location. We have listed the best ways you can improve your winning chances when playing online. 

Play When Where Are Fewer Players Online

With slot games, the greater the number of players, the larger the prize if they are playing a game with a progressive jackpot. Bingo doesn’t work that way. This means that the prize money for bingo will neither increase nor decrease based on the number of participants. 

Instead, your primary objective when playing bingo is to face as few opponents as possible. The fewer players there are, the higher your chances of being the first to strike off the numbers on your card. We recommend playing on weekdays or during odd hours, like early morning or late at night, when there are fewer online players.

Consider What is up for Grabs

Before joining a bingo room for a game, you should be aware of the available prizes and how to earn them. Note that different bingo games give prizes based on full lines or a house award. Also, when you sign up for a new bingo site, you can take advantage of some big bingo bonuses! The bingo bonus funds or tickets will allow you to play longer, also increasing your chances of winning.

Buy More Bingo Cards

Buying more bingo cards is one of the most common strategies for winning bingo. The more cards you have, the higher your chances of winning. In a case where a number is called and it is not on one card, there’s a probability of it being on another. Aside from that, you have a better chance of completing patterns on multiple cards than on one.

Interact With Other Gamers

A feature of online bingo is the ability to converse with other players in the chat area. Unrelated to the main game, there are random prizes up for grabs in the chat area. However, this will not boost your odds of winning. If you’re not feeling very social, you can always monitor the conversation to see if the chat moderator announces any prizes or contests.

Use Derived Strategies

There are also a few extra strategies that some experts have come up with that can help you win more often. These include Granville’s bingo strategy and the Tippett bingo strategy

Granville’s bingo strategy

Numerous bingo players use the Granville method as one of the most common options. It is so common that stock market analysts use it to figure out how prices will move. Joseph Granville, an American stockbroker and financial writer, devised the method. 

Even though the bingo numbers are picked at random, he thought he could find a pattern. He looked at the odds of different number sequences and decided that picking the right card is the most important part of any bingo game. These playing cards must possess: 

  • An equal number of high and low numbers 
  • An equal number of even and odd digits 
  • Equal numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9

Tippett bingo strategy

Tippett, a British statistician, devised a system that aims to increase the odds of winning at bingo, but it is not widely used. He believed that the longer a game of 75-ball bingo was played, the more likely the balls drawn would be close to the average of 38. 

If the game is shorter, it is more likely that the numbers drawn will be closer to 1 and 75. He concluded this based on extensive statistical and probabilistic studies. 

That said, when playing short games of bingo, choose bingo cards with numbers that are closer to 1 and 75. On the other hand, when playing longer games such as blackout bingo, choose bingo cards with numbers close to 38.

Where can I play bingo online?

There are many online gambling sites where you can play bingo. These platforms are easy to find, but you must be sure that they have all you need for a pleasurable gaming experience. First, be certain that the gambling platform is safe. 

One of the ways to know if the site is secure is by confirming if it operates with a license. This certificate shows that the gambling platform is trustworthy and has undergone checks that show it is safe. 

Also, be sure that the online casino has a good selection of bingo games to play. Some of these platforms have bingo games free to play options. With these games, you learn more about how bingo works, and also practice various strategies before wagering real cash.

Bingo Apps to Download

Aside from playing in an online casino, there are bingo apps like bingo blitz. These bingo game apps are available on the Apple store for iOS users. You can also find some of these games in the Google Play store. To get the game, visit the site, locate the title using the search bar, and click the bingo game download option. 

After getting these games bingo players can launch them on their devices and begin playing. Some bingo app online games let you win in-house items and play against other games on the platform. 


Is it legal to play bingo online in India?

Online gambling in India is quite complicated. While there are jurisdictions that permit online gambling, the act is legal in many parts of the country. Therefore, you should go through the laws of your area to determine if bingo is a game that you can play legally. 

Can I play bingo with Indian rupees?

Whether you’re playing free bingo or for real money, you can play with Indian rupees. However, you must first register at an Indian online casino. You can also complete free bingo games download to get an app for playing the game on your smartphone. However, note that you might not win real cash from bingo free games on the app. 

How can I withdraw money?

When you play bingo game for real money, you accumulate wins. Afterward, you can easily withdraw it from the online gambling platform. To withdraw your winnings from a bingo play, visit the cashier and select the withdrawal option. Choose a payment method, enter the amount you want to cash out, and submit the transaction. 

Can I download bingo on my mobile phone?

Yes, you can download a bingo game on your device. Simply visit your app store, search for the game you want, and click the bingo download button. Once the bingo downloading is complete, launch the game and begin playing. 

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