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Teen Patti, which means “three cards”, is a popular card game in India. It is known as Asian three-card poker, and you will find many gamblers in South Asia that consider the game their favourite. The game is also known as ‘flush’ or ‘flash’, like a simplified version of three card poker. Like the name, this game offers players three cards in their hand, and they are to create a winning combination. 

It has the basic gameplay of poker in which the dealer or anchor will give out cards to the players one at a time. The players must make a minimum bet on the value of their cards before they are dealt the cards. After all the cards have been dealt, they can also place another optional bet, entirely different from the first. Players usually want to look at their cards before placing another bet, but they can also decide to leave the cards on the table face down – this phenomenon is popularly known as playing blind. Some rules limit the number of times you can play blind. 

Players who think they can’t win the game can fold their hands once the cards are dealt. On the other hand, they can also decide to increase their wager if they have a good hand or feel they can win the game. After the conclusive bets have been made, players will reveal their cards, and the win goes to the hand with the highest value. Teen Patti is a game played over several rounds, mainly if it is played casually at home. You don’t need to use poker chips before you play, but using poker chips will make it more fun to play. 

Playing Teen Patti at home casually will not make you earn more money. As a professional Teen Patti player, you can showcase your exceptional poker skills and earn money by playing at online and land-based gambling establishments. Playing with real money makes the game more competitive and exciting. If you are a fan of competition or want to earn real money while playing your favourite game, you can try out online and land-based casinos. 

Best Real Money Teen Patti Casinos

Teen Patti is one of the most popular online casino games in India, and you can play it at many online casinos in India. You can play Teen Patti online for free and real money. The game is made accessible so players can learn how to play it. When you play Teen Patti online for free, you won’t need to deposit to the online casino site where you play. Players will be given virtual cash to use when playing Teen Patti for free. Unfortunately, all the money you win when you play Teen Patti online for free is not withdrawable because it is virtual money. You can use the opportunity given to you by the online casinos to play the game for free to get accustomed to the gameplay before you decide to play with real money. 

To earn real cash, you must play Teen Patti for real cash. There are many gambling sites in India where you can play Teen Patti for real cash. We will list some of the best online casinos to play Teen Patti in India later in this article, but before that, there are some things to consider before selecting an online casino as your preferred choice. Even though a casino might offer a video and live version of Teen Patti, it doesn’t guarantee that the casino site is suitable or legit. So, we have considered specific characteristics of an excellent online casino, and we want to pass that knowledge to you so that you can make the best choice of online casino for yourself in the future. 

The features of an excellent online casino site to look out for include the following:

  • Game Selection – Most online gamblers are more interested in the games that a specific online casino offers on their portfolio. The only way players can earn real money in a casino is to play the games offered, and they would most likely pick games they are most familiar with to increase their chances of winning. And as such, an excellent online casino must offer a good selection of online casino games. The games catalogue of a betting site doesn’t have to be plenty most of the time. The casinos should ensure they offer various popular and attractive casino games. Players love variety, and the casinos with the most variety tend to have many customers.

Most importantly, a good Teen Patti casino should have at least one Teen Patti table and tons of other table games. Top-notch online betting sites tend to have tons of slots, poker games, roulette, blackjack, baccarat, live games etc. So before selecting an online casino, make sure you check the gambling products they offer. 

  • Promotions – After games, the casino feature that most players look out for is the bonuses and promotions that the casino site offers. Online casinos use bonuses and promotions to attract players to come and play on their sites. Both the players and online casinos benefit from the bonus and promotion feature. The online casino benefits because more gamblers play on their site when they feel that the bonuses and promotions the casino offers favour them. By doing so, the customer base of the online casino increases, and they earn more money.

On the other hand, players get to try out the games on the site by using the bonus money or free spins they receive. Therefore, it is a win-win. All in all, when choosing your preferred casino, make sure they offer lucrative bonuses and promotions. Some sites might even offer bonuses specifically for Teen Patti. You can get many promotions from online casinos, including the welcome bonus, reload bonus, cashback bonus, bonus free spins, no deposit bonus etc. 

  • Payment Methods – To enjoy your online gambling experience, the payment methods offered by the casino of your choice are also important. Safety and security come first when it involves depositing and withdrawing funds. 

The best online casinos ensure that their payment options are safe and secure. They use reputable and secure online payment options available near their players. For Indian players, UPI and bank payments, among others, are the safest. Also, ensure that you confirm the processing time of the payments you make on the gambling site. Naturally, the processing time of deposits is almost instant, while the withdrawal time is always longer. Regardless of the payment type, the best online casinos offer speedy payments. Some casinos offer processing fees, while others don’t. Nevertheless, the best online casinos in India will offer the most trusted and latest teen Patti payment options. 

  • Customer Service – Good customer support is a prominent feature to look out for in Patti casinos’ best natural money. The customer support service of a casino is in charge of the welfare of the site’s customers. To always be available to their customers, they have created specific channels and links to these channels on the site so that players can reach them in case they have any complaints. These channels may include live chat, email support, phone support, and social media support – like WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook. The best natural money teen Patti casinos offer customer support service all day. If players have questions about teen Patti, they can use any contact channel to reach the specific casino experts. 
  • User Friendly – The best real money casinos must also offer user-friendly services to the customers on their site. Some of these casinos offer very satisfying services that you won’t even need to contact their customer support. Easy access to the cashier and dealer tables is a prerequisite for a splendid gaming experience. Playing at a professional teen Patti casino will make it easy for you to navigate, place bets, and make payments on the casino. 

How to Play Teen Patti

Teen Patti is also known as 3 Patti. It is a card game that originated and is very common in India. The game is very similar and, simultaneously, different from poker. This online card game is played with a 52-card pack of cards, excluding the Joker card, and it is usually played between 3 – 6 players. 

The dealer announces the beginning of the game after all the players have placed their starting bet in the prize pot or boot. After placing the initial bets, the dealer deals three cards face down to the players. Players have the choice of playing blind or seen when it comes to Teen Patti. When the players play as seen, they can see their cards, and if it is the other way round (blind), they cannot see their cards, and their cards remain on the table face down. If players start the game blind, they can also decide to see their cards later in the game, and from that point forwards or till the round ends, the gamblers will be identified as seen players and will continue playing like that. 

Each round of teen Patti continues until only a player is left on the teen Patti table. And in some cases where there remain only two players on the table, the game will end when one of the players chooses to show their cards by turning it face up. If you are the only player left on the table, you win. During each round of the game, the cards of every player are compared, and the hand with the highest value or the highest-ranking combination is the hand that wins the round. Keep in mind that the money in the prize pot or boot keeps increasing concerning the game’s progress in this game. And according to the rules of teen Patti, the winner of the game round keeps all the cash in the prize pot. 

The number of players that can compete against the house is not limited. It makes the game more fun and exciting. In Teen Patti, you will be playing against the dealer and other players, but be rest assured, as all the players will have a chance of winning because the dealer needs to have a hand containing ‘Queen High’ to win or qualify. You can place lots of bets on teen Patti, and some of them include the two optional side bets – the pair plus bet and the bonus, which have a ratio of 100:1 and 1,000:1, respectively. Side bets offer more chances to win after each game round because they evaluate them separately from the initial round. 

Teen Patti Games Online

Teen Patti, an action-filled and straightforward card game, is very popular among desi-gamblers throughout India. The origins of teen Patti in India can be traced back to 2,000 BC, but it is much more recent. Many experts believe that teen Patti is a recent adaptation of the classic three-card poker or 3-card brag game whose origins can be traced to the United Kingdom. They introduced this game to India via European traders, and ever since its emergence. It has become an entertaining and well-known card game in South Asia. 

Teen Patti is commonly played all over India during festivals, even though the real money game is somewhat considered illegal. Family and friends go against each other to compete for the pot cash when they play Teen Patti. There are several names used to identify Teen Patti, and they include:

  • 3 Patti
  • Teen Patti 
  • TeenPatti
  • TeenPatthi
  • Indian Poker
  • Flush 
  • Flash. 

Teen Patti played among friends and families during festivals can also bring fun and excitement when you play it online. Many online gambling establishments in India offer this game, and it is available to play for free and real money. 

Terminologies in Teen Patti

For you to better understand the concept of Playing the Teen Patti online cash game, there are some terms used during gameplay that you should know. Some of these terms are:

  • Boot – Boot in Teen Patti is also known as the pot, entry fee or ante. It represents the equal amount of bet all the players will contribute before they are dealt their cards when playing 3 Patti. It would help if you played a compulsory wager on each hand during Teen Patti gameplay. The ante (boot) ensures that every Teen Patti player that folds each round will feel a little pinch, encouraging players to try the gameplay tutorial before actually playing the game. 
  • Blind Player – When playing Teen Patti, when you opt not to see your card, it is known as playing blind. Hence you are called a blind player. You can choose the options to play blind, show and pack if available. Players will first have to bet their money inside the pot before playing blind, and the blind amount is generally equal to the current bet amount or double the amount. 
  • Stake Amount – The stake amount is the wager placed by each player. If a blind player places a stake amount, the stake amount is divided by two for the immediately seen player. The seen player bets half the stake amount of the blind player he comes after. In the case of the consequent blind players, their wager amount will be twice or equal to the stake amount. Only blind players can ask for a show when only one opponent remains in the Teen Patti game. Both players’ hands are shown in this case, and the winner claims the money in the pot. This phenomenon is known as ‘blind show’. 
  • Seen Player – In Teen Patti, a player whose card is known is called the seen player. Many options are available to a seen player, including pack, chaal, show and sideshow. The options provided to the players mainly depend on the stage where the player is. 

A seen player must play chaal to stay in the teen Patti game after all his card has been shown. If available, the seen player can also play the sideshow. When playing chaal, the player must put the stake amount in the pot, and the stake amount of the player is equal to double or quadruple the initial stake amount, which is entirely dependent on whether the previous player placed a bet is a seen or blind player. 

According to the 3 Patti rules, a seen player can also decide to play a sideshow. The sideshow means the intention of a seen player to compare cards with the previous player’s cards. This option is only available on two conditions, and they are: it is only available if the previous player is also a seen player, and it is only available if other players are still on the hand. 

Need-To-Know: Playing Teen Patti for Money

The best and most exciting way of playing teen Patti is to play for real money. When you play for real money, you get the opportunity to earn more rupees if you win the game, but when you play for free, you will just be playing for the fun of it, and there is no chance of earning more money. The only way you can also play Teen Patti Live is by playing with real money. If you want to play the Teen Patti cash game online, here are some things you need to keep in mind. 


Before playing this game for real money, you must sign up for an online teen Patti cash game casino. You will make payments to the online casino site after signing up with them, and the payment methods available will be a defining factor in your online gambling experience. India has strict gambling laws, and because of that, depositing and withdrawing on Indian online casinos can be a drag. But with a top-notch online casino India, making payments won’t be a problem. The best teen Patti online real cash game casinos in India offer safe and secure payment methods. India’s safest and best payment options include PayTM, UPI, PhonePe, RuPay, Axis Bank, SBI, NetBanking, ICICI Bank, etc. 

The Live Dealer

The significant difference between the 3 Patti you play during festivals or at home and the live teen Patti is that live teen Patti is played with a live dealer being the anchor. On online casinos, there is the video version of teen Patti, and then there is the live version. 

The computer anchors the Teen Patti video version and uses the Random Number Generator System to direct all the gameplay. While on the live version, the live dealer directs the game. These live dealers are trained experts with a vast knowledge of teen Patti. They deal with the cards, and they will be the ones you will be playing against. You will have to beat the dealer’s hand to win rupees. The live dealer interacts well with the players, making teen Patti gameplay more fun and exciting. 

Playing Teen Patti Live

On online casinos, you can play video versions of teen Patti. As we said above, the game is anchored by the computer, and the Random Number Generator System directs all the operations. The RNG system uses an elaborate algorithm to deal cards to players. Players can only play against the computer dealer when playing the teen Patti video version. 

The most popular versions of online teen Patti are the live versions. Live dealers deal with the cards in contrast to computers on the video versions. When you play Teen Patti Live, you play against the dealers and other players. 

Playing the Live Dealer Teen Patti Game

Playing Teen Patti against the live dealer alone is way more interesting than playing against other players. There are a lot of advantages you get when you play against the live dealer alone. Some of the Perks are:

  • You will be able to gain knowledge from the professional live dealers that you are playing against. Many software providers offer teen Patti, and when you play Teen Patti Live on online casinos, you will come across numerous expert live dealers that anchor the games, and you stand a chance to gain experience from them. You are up for an exceptional gambling experience when you play Teen Patti against live dealers. 
  • When you play against the live dealer, you won’t need to keep track of many factors in contrast to when playing against other players. You can concentrate better on your cards, making the game fun and exciting. You won’t have to think up complicated strategies to win. 

Teen Patti Rules

There are specific rules to know when playing teen Patti live and the video version. These rules are:

  • The minimum stake you can make in this game depends on the minimum bet all the players have agreed to before the start of the game. 
  • In teen Patti, players are dealt three cards, and they are to decide if they want to play as blind or seen players. 
  • If you start the game as a blind player, you can change to seen during gameplay. And you can do that by choosing to see your cards anytime during gameplay. After that, you will continue the game as a seen player. 
  • Players who play as blind players have the chance to bet at least the minimum stake decided at the beginning of the game, while the seen players will bet double the minimum stake. 
  • The game continues until all players except one have folded their cards, and the last man standing, in this case, is the winner or until everyone excluding two players has folded their cards, after which one of them will call ‘show’ to reveal both their cards. In this case, the card with the highest value wins. 
  • If you play against the dealer, you aim to beat the dealer’s cards and win the round. 
  • Players can also call for a sideshow during gameplay. When it’s a player’s turn to play, he can ask for a sideshow from the player who just bet before him. This player can accept or reject the sideshow. If the player accepts, both will compare their cards, and the player with the lowest card combination value is expected to fold immediately. When the values of the two players’ cards are the same, the player who called the sideshow will fold his cards immediately. 


Teen Patti does not have a specific winning strategy, unlike craps and blackjack. 3 Patti has straightforward gameplay, so it’s not necessary to use strategies before you can play this game. Because Teen Patti does not have a specific strategy to win doesn’t write off the fact that you can’t use some tactics to win. You can use some blackjack strategies like d’Alembert, Labouchere, and Fibonacci to play. Players can also apply triple card poker strategies, like always playing a hand of 4,6 and Q cards or higher, to win this game and make it more interesting. 

Teen Patti Casinos

Teen Patti is a rapidly rising game in the iGaming industry of India, and as such, you will find it on almost all Indian online casinos you come across. But out of all the Indian casinos where you can play Teen Patti, we have selected a few considered leading gambling sites in India. Of course, we selected them based on the criteria we listed above, and we also reviewed them based on some other features. Keeping that in mind, some of the best online casinos you will find in India are listed below. 

Casino Days

Casino Days is an Indian online casino that offers its customers many promotions and games. This gambling site has one of the most extensive game portfolios in India. You are up for an exceptional teen Patti online ride as they offer teen Patti provided by some of the most reputable software providers like Evolution Gaming, Super Spade and Ezugi gaming. 

Pure Win

Another top Indian gambling site is Pure Win. This casino focuses mainly on Indian players and offers betting markets exclusive to players in India. The site offers local support to Indian gamblers, who can translate the site into five Indian languages. You will also find live Teen Patti from popular software developers like Ezugi and Spade gaming. 


10CRIC is also a gambling site that focuses mainly on Indian gamblers. You will have access to an extensive catalogue of online casino games. They also offer their players a mix of Ezugi and Super Spade teen Patti tables. 


Bonuses and promotions are not the most vital point of Casumo, but they offer players a unique way of accumulating points and collecting gifts and incentives as they level up. You can play the teen Patti video and live versions on their Teen Patti selection. 

Teen Patti Variations

Teen Patti originated from poker, which means there are several ways to tweak the game so that you can create new variations. When playing teen Patti with family, friends and other players, all of you can decide to agree on the rules and variations before the cards are dealt. 

There are many Teen Patti Variations available out there, but some of the most common ones are:


Muflis is a transposed version of the original Teen Patti. All the rules and basic gameplay of teen Patti are the same, except that in Muflis, the player with the lowest card value instead of the highest wins the game. 


This one might sound like a weapon, but it is different from that. The ‘AK47’ basically hints at the game’s card bonus conditions. In this Teen Patti variant, players will play the game with all the As, Ks, 4s, and 7s representing the Joker cards. You can exchange the wild cards or Joker cards for any other card needed to build a sequence. 

Best of Four

This Variation is played using the original Teen Patti terms and follows the same rules and gameplay. The only distinguishing factor is the number of cards provided to the players’ hands. Here players will be dealt four cards rather than the original three, and they are still expected to create a winning value with just three of the four cards. 


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