Chiefs players earned a hefty paycheck for wild Super Bowl victory over 49ers in Las Vegas

By John Breech Feb 13, 2024 at 1:14 pm ET • 1 min read

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When you win the Super Bowl, not only do you get a ring and a trophy, but you also get a nice paycheck for the game. 

Every player on the winning team gets paid the same amount, and for Super Bowl LVIII, that means that each Chiefs player will be getting $164,000 for the team’s 25-22 win over the 49ers. That’s actually a huge pay cut for someone like Travis Kelce, who made $625,000 per game during the season, but it’s quite the pay raise for most rookies or any player who was making the NFL minimum in 2024. 

For instance, Isiah Pacheco was paid just $54,722 per game in 2024, so playing in the Super Bowl nearly tripled his base salary for one game. Pacheco certainly earned his Super Bowl money during a game where he had 24 touches for 92 yards. 

Overall, every Chiefs player earned a total of $338,000 in salary for the team’s Super Bowl run with that number breaking down like this: 

  • Wild Card round: $50,500
  • Divisional round: $50,500
  • AFC Championship: $73,000
  • Super Bowl: $164,000

There are a few players who made even more money during the Super Bowl and that’s because they had bonuses tied to their contract. As pointed out by’s Joel Corry, a former NFL agent, Patrick Mahomes earned an extra $1.25 million for getting to the Super Bowl combined with the fact that his offensive playing time was more than 50% during the regular season. On the defensive side of the ball, “the $3.25 million that Chris Jones has earned of his $6.75 million option bonus escalator will increase to $4.25 million since he made first team All-Pro and the Chiefs got to the Super Bowl.”

As for the 49ers, Brock Purdy was probably pretty thrilled with his Super Bowl pay check. Everyone on the losing team gets a check for $89,000 this year. For Purdy, that’s a huge bump over the $54,722 paycheck that he received during the regular season.